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July 09, 2020

Reducing the amount of single use plastic in our lives and making more sustainable choices is part of our new normal. As you go about doing this, have you sat back and thought about how many times you've been asked 'do you want a bag for that?' when shopping lately...?

Whenever I hear this question I go back to my childhood - when plastic bags were not invented yet! Yes I am that old – although I am only talking about the 1970s!

When I went shopping as a seven year old with my mother, she always had a shopping basket with her. She never needed another carry all as everything would fit into this basket. She did have two different baskets. One basket had a flat bottom for when she carried bottles and heavier items, and one that was more flexible - but still large.

I now look back on this and think what a normal part of life this was, and how my mother did not have to deal with all the plastic bags in the rubbish or recycle bins.

Earlier this week as I went to the supermarket and took with me, as now a regular habit, my twenty year old supermarket bags. But what has also become a recent habit has been to take my Corrigan & Dale Signature Tote with me.

This bag has fast become my everyday favourite as it doesn’t matter what I am doing, I always have a bag that can fit everything in it. As a result, I am not coming home with any plastic bags and consequently do not have to pay for a bag in another shop. So having to buy a plastic bag has been a good thing as I have created a new everyday sustainable habit. The added bonus is that less plastic bags find their way into bins – recycle or other.

After using the Signature Tote as my market/go everywhere bag, I've created a list of 5 essential elements you should consider when looking for your own go everywhere bag:

1. Must have a pocket: a pocket means that I always know where my phone, car keys and reading glasses are.

2. Depth is important: I take comfort in the fact that a pickpocket would need very long arms to even get close to my wallet.

3. Wide straps: Make sure your straps are comfortable! The wide straps on my bag become even more comfortable the more things I have in my Signature Tote.

4. Hands & Shoulders: If you hold your bag in your hand does the bottom of the bag touch the ground? Not ideal if it does! When my bag is empty I tend to carry it on my shoulder, so if you're the same, make sure it sits well. 

5. Is it you? While baskets and neutral tones are on trend, there is something about the bright fabric that Dale designed that brightens up my day (and that, as a proud Mum, I can also celebrate).

Added tip: If you're looking at totes in online stores, just check their returns/exchange/refund policy before clicking purchase. 

So my collection of beautiful handbags at this stage are, sitting in my wardrobe, waiting for those grown up moments of going out. But even on those occasions, my Signature Tote gets put in the car for the next carrying job.

Debbie x