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Peach Gift Bundle


    Jewellery Cluster - Handmade with cotton to ensure your jewellery is kept safe, detangled, and easily accessible. Featuring inner pockets for safe-keeping, our jewellery clusters are consciously designed to adjust for various sizes. Pulled together and secured with a ribbon drawstring, it’s a beautifully unique way to keep your jewellery protected and to take your favourite pieces with you on your travels.


    - 7 internal pockets to keep necklaces, earrings, and rings separate.

    - Area for bangles in the middle

    - Fabric designed by Australian designer Jocelyn Proust

    A5 & A6 Covered Journal - These A5 and A6 grid journals are the perfect gift or companion to capture your wandering thoughts.


    - Removable cover so you can keep using it on your next journal long after your pages are filled

    - Grid pattern pages suitable for both writing and drawing

    - Acid free paper

    - The cover creates additional pockets at the front and back of your journal to keep additional items safe.

    - Fabric designed by Australian designer Jocelyn Proust


    A5 Journal - 14.8cm wide by 21cm high. (96 pages)

    A6 Journal - 9cm wide x 14cm high. (64 pages, last 16 sheets are detachable)

    Glasses Case - Slimline and versatile, and far more fun than the standard cases you get with your reading glasses. If you have both reading and sunglasses you know how much space all those cases take up. Debbie uses this case when going out to functions to take her reading glasses - they take up no space at all and still protect your reading glasses in your evening bag.

    You can also use them for other purposes - the zip case is a useful place to store your headphones to prevent tangling!