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Are you a candle connoisseur?

Let's see, do you:

  • Enjoy creating beautiful and comforting spaces within your home? 
  • Burn through your candles quickly?
  • Like to purchase a new candle each month?

If you answered YES to any one of those questions then this luxury subscription experience is for you... 

Why become a Candle Connoisseur?

As a Candle Connoisseur, you will receive a piece of the current collection delivered straight to your door each month with the full navy box and white ribbon experience! It's a luxury experience giving you:

  • Always have a beautiful smelling candle or office space with a new vessel each month
  • Experience the convenience of a new candle delivered to your door each month and you don't have to lift a finger! 
  • All vessels are handmade by Australian artisans
  • We only use soy wax together with lead free and zinc free wicks 
  • A growing collection of handmade vessels that can be used endlessly for your entertaining purposes well after the last piece of wax has melted
  • Free shipping and luxury wrapping each month  
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